Inventory Management.

Implement a smart Warehouse Management Software.  

Optimize the efficiency of your warehouse.

By utilizing an inventory management system, businesses can enhance their operational efficiency, optimize inventory levels, and make informed decisions based on data analysis. 
This can lead to increased profitability and a competitive edge in the market.

Struggling with managing stock levels?

Have a look at Odoo's Inventory Management System.

Order to Shipment

Track inventory levels, locations, and movement within the warehouse.

Barcode Scanning

Efficiently scan barcodes and QR codes to accurate capture data. 

Real-time Visibility

Odoo stock levels and movements in the warehouse are updated in real-time. 

Mobile & Tablet Compatible

Integrated with mobile devices allowing you to access and process data on the move. 

Secured & Scalable

Ensure your data is safe and protected.
Scale Odoo with your business. 

Reporting & Analytics

Analyse warehouse operations and identify room for improvement.

tablet displaying stock levels in odoo

Accurate Stock Levels.

Odoo Inventory can help minimize errors and inaccuracies in inventory counts, leading to better tracking of stock levels and reduced instances of stockouts or overstocking.

Plan your SCM (Supply Chain Management) with accurate stock levels. 

barcode scanner showing odoo barcode operations

Increased efficiency.
Faster Warehouse Operations.

Automated actions and operations will streamline inventory-related tasks, reducing the time and resources required to manage inventory manually. 

Speed up your operations using Odoo's automatic and smart routes. Pick and Pack operations can automatically be created and instructions shared to your warehousing team. 

Enhanced customer satisfaction.

Happy customers are the best customers! Shorten delivery lead times using the automated functions of Odoo's WMS. 

By ensuring that the right products are available when customers need them, businesses can improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

two happy customers sitting on a couch
Odoo automatic stock replenishment rules

Better decision-making.

Real-time stock counts.

With real-time visibility into inventory levels and performance, businesses can make informed decisions about procurement, production, and sales.

Save Operational & Storage Costs!

Odoo inventory will help reduce costs associated with excess inventory, storage, and obsolescence.

Faster and efficient warehousing will ultimately result in lower operational costs and increased margins on each product delivered. 

drawing of a person saving money

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