Odoo CRM.

Organise your customer relation management processes in a single-source of truth to facilitate collaboration and rev up your sales engine.

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Driving sales from lead to close is critical for business growth and success. Effective lead nurturing and conversion into paying customers can increase revenue and foster customer loyalty. With optimized sales processes, businesses can improve deal closures, which in turn leads to a more profitable bottom line

Providing multi-channel service to customers is imperative in today's competitive business landscape. Customers expect seamless connectivity with businesses via phone, email, social media, and live chat. Excellent customer service across all channels can result in increased customer satisfaction and retention. By aligning teams around a centralised source of customer data, businesses can ensure uniformity in customer interactions, streamline business processes, and reduce delays. These efforts enhance the customer experience and promote greater efficiency and success.

Lead Generation

Organize contact info, track interactions and automatically generate leads.

Lead Scoring

Score leads based on engagement and behaviour for prioritisation.


Personalize comms with tracked preferences for stronger relationships and sales.

Sales Automation

Streamlines sales with automation for high-value activities.


Increase your chance of winning a deal by providing the tools of collaboration for your employees.

CRM Analytics

Report and find insights into your sales pipeline, customer behaviour, and revenue trends.

Manage your Sales Pipeline

Take the reins and ride your sales pipeline to success with our powerful control tools.

Define and visualise your sales process in a Kanban view. 
Run reports about each stage and keep customer engagement high.
crm dashboard displaying the sales pipeline of a business

Cloud CRM.
Integrated with your ERP.

Maximize productivity with time efficiency on the cloud. 

Give clear visibility about your leads and opportunities to your sales team. 
Utilise the speed and automation of a cloud system as a single-source of truth about your customers.

odoo crm oportunity screen showing how information is recorded against each lead

Task Management made easy

Streamline your workflow with our CRM system's automatic task management, and focus on what really matters - building meaningful relationships with your customers.

First call

First reminder

Schedule a meeting

Understand Customer's need

Send Quotation

Confirm Quote

tablet displaying odoo's marketing automation campaign

Marketing Automation. 

Efficiently manage your marketing processes and focus on tasks that matt

  • Quickly design and send out beautiful email campaigns.
  • Generate leads through your website and emailing campaigns.
  • Optimise lead management by scoring prospects on demographics and behaviour, then automatically route hot leads to your sales team.

Ensure that your lead management software covers all important functions that is needed by your sales teams. 

Customer Reports.
Team Analytics.

Create custom dashboards for your specific needs.

Use Odoo CRM's reporting tools to easily check your business KPIs, whether it be ..
  • Sales forecasting reports;
  • Lead conversion reports;
  • Customer acquisition reports;
  • Activity reports;
  • Pipeline reports;
  • Customer satisfaction & retention reports
odoo crm sales dashboard

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