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Integrate Odoo with KeyPay for seamless payroll functions.

Automate compliance with KeyPay that integrates seamlessly with Odoo providing an easy-to-use online payroll system that automates the entire payroll process.

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Challenge of Australian Payroll

Australian payroll is complex due to its multi-level tax system, unique superannuation scheme, multiple awards and agreements, and regular regulation updates. These factors pose challenges for systems to handle payroll accurately and ensure compliance with relevant regulations. It is vital for any growing organisation to handle these transactions easily and efficiently. 

How does it work?

KeyPay is a powerful payroll software which handles all the complex modern payroll functions necessary for an organisations payroll compliance. Odoo connects with Keypay, where you can perform all your payroll related actions in a system designed for Australian Payroll and automatically send journal entries generated into the accounting system of Odoo. 

Keypay is linked to Odoo through their API, allowing businesses to streamline their payroll and HR processes by syncing employee data and financial transactions between the two systems.

Odoo - KeyPay Features

Fully Automatic. ATO Compliant. Employee Friendly. 

Localised for the Australian market.

Pay Conditions Engine

Build the rules of your organisation in KeyPay's pay conditions engine. 

Award Interpretation

Pay staff correctly using modern and updated awards. 


Quickly enter and plan schedules for your employees. 

Time & Attendance

Track employee attendance and automatically generate payroll entries. 

Custom Integrations

Customise Odoo in a manner where employee timesheets can flow into KeyPay for pay run generation.


Analyse and Report on key payroll metrics. 

Automated Payroll

Automate simple manual tasks and free your time to work on important tasks!

Single Touch Payroll

Fully compliant with Australian laws. 

Employee Portal

Empower your employees to view and enter information about their employment.  

Automated Payroll.

With a one-time setup, KeyPay can fully automate your client's payroll on your terms.

From importing timesheet data and generating gross to net reports to handling leave accruals, payroll and super calculations, and ATO reporting, KeyPay runs in the background, streamlining the entire process.

keypay payroll automated payroll

Award Interpretation.

Australian modern awards can be challenging for payroll managers to navigate due to their complex and ever-changing nature. 

KeyPay's automated system accurately interprets the applicable modern award and calculates employee wages, allowances, and entitlements, saving payroll managers valuable time and reducing the risk of costly errors. 

This not only ensures compliance with regulations but also promotes fairness and transparency within the workplace, fostering positive employee relations.

Single Touch Payroll.

Ensure compliance with Australian legislation. KeyPay has been certified by the ATO for Phase 2 reporting for businesses of all sizes.

You can quickly set up ATO STP in 3 easy steps:

  • Confirm your business details;
  • Select who will be lodging transactions to the ATO on behalf of the business;
  • Enable ATO integration to complete the process.
Payroll integration: Setup of business details

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