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CRM Management

Efficient quotes and orders 

E-comm & Customer Portal


Automated workflows     

Sourcing optimisation     

Procurement & vendor mgmt   


Real-time visibility 

Auto stock management

Barcode/serialised tracking


Shop floor operations 

Work center management

BOM management


Carrier integration 

    Manifest consignments 

Pick, pack and ship goods


Invoice tracking 

Simple payment processing 

Quick and seamless invoicing

 Enhanced Manufacturing 

WMSSoft enhanced: 

MES - Shop Floor/Easy Outsourcing

Production Scheduling

Job Shops - ETO/MTO

Project Management 





Customer Portal 


Fully Integrated 

Analytic Tags 

Bank Reconciliation

Multi Currency

Multi and Inter Company


Dashboard of Odoo ERP

Provide unmatched Customer Service.
Orchestrate your employees.
Direct your Vendors.


Provide your business a solid foundation for current and future growth through a scalable ERP that matures with your business.

WMSSoft's collaboration with Comfort Sleep Bedding on our ERP implementation using Odoo has been a transformative journey. Their expertise in understanding our unique business needs and providing viable solutions across the business has improved our workflows and enhanced productivity. Their ongoing support and expertise continues to make the transition to Odoo a successful journey for our company.  

Michael Sapuppo • Director of Comfort Sleep Bedding

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 Use Odoo to Streamline
all your operations

Entire Order to 
Delivery Process

Manage your entire company from Sales to Invoicing.

Smart Manufacturing 
Scheduling and Execution

Control your BOMs. Schedule your orders.
Manage your Shop Floor.
Give your workers a platform to execute build your operations with clear instructions.

Warehousing Functions

Define the automations when you need to receive and deliver good.
Use scanners to quickly and accurate scan barcodes for accurate data capture.


Integrate your Financials with your Inventory and Manufacturing businesses.
Invoice your customers and follow up on invoices that are due.

Unleash the power of a Cloud ERP.

Multi-Device Compatibility.

Moving to a cloud system allows for scalable growth by providing the flexibility to easily expand or contract your resources to match your business needs. 

This means you can focus on growing your business and meeting your customers' needs, without worrying about the limitations of your IT resources.

Operate on the move! Odoo is entirely compatible with both iOS and Android devices


odoo sales dashboard being displayed on a phone

Why Choose Odoo?

ERPs came into prominence when businesses started to face the limitations of separate Inventory, Manufacturing and Accounting systems not being able to communicate with each other in real-time. If your organisation suffers from repeated tasks where employees switch between various applications to complete their day to day work, then you've identified a source of in-efficiency within your organisation.

Odoo effectively solves the problem of supporting and using multiple software applications by replacing all your software needs by a single software application.

We recognise that every business is different. Most ERPs are constrained when it comes to customisations. Odoo is based on an open source platform which makes it easy for our developers to customise your system according to YOUR business processes.

Stop having to change your processes around the limitations of your IT systems. Make your system work for you.

Odoo's emphasis on modern User Experience ensures that users learn the software a lot faster than in-class ERPs. The benefits include faster ERP implementation times and easier user adoption. This essentially translates into a faster Return of Investment when you implement Odoo as your employees are using the system to it's full benefit within a 6 month timeframe as opposed to a year and a half time frame with other ERPs.

Manufacturing is moving into the 21st century with Industry 4.0 becoming the next revolution in the manufacturing industry. Odoo has its own MRP module which integrates all your processes with Manufacturing.

Create and manage your BOMs (Bill of Materials). Schedule Jobs. 
Provide a digital platform for workers to execute work orders. 
Report on manufacturing KPIs. And many more functions.

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Looking for an IT system which helps manage your warehouse and inventory levels? Odoo is perfect to manage your Inventory processes under one system.

  • Link your purchasing with automatic stock levels set within your warehouse. 
  • Run your warehouse's receiving and shipping processes through a system of barcodes. 
  • Lower the risk of incorrect data entry by ensuring workers are entering information through barcodes.
  • Automatically print your invoices and labels at various stages of the delivery process. 

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Run your accounting system to go hand in hand with your Sales, Purchasing, Inventory and Manufacturing modules. Avoid having to re-enter duplicated information into your accounting system. Odoo allows powerful reports to be generated according to your business cost centres. 

In addition, manage your payroll in a powerful payroll application designed to serve the complicated rules of Australian payroll and integrate your payroll with your accounting system. 

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Odoo has the best licensing structure when compared to in-class competitor ERPs. The licensing structure in simplified and will result in long term savings due to its completive pricing structure. 

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Successful Implementations
Satisfied Users

WMSSoft is a leading Australian Odoo partner specializing in ERP implementation for businesses of all sizes. With a team of experienced professionals, we provide customized Odoo solutions that streamline your business operations and increase efficiency. As one of the top Odoo partners in Australia, we have a proven track record of delivering successful ERP implementations across various industries. 

Our services include everything from initial consultation, system design and implementation to ongoing support and maintenance. Whether you're a small business or a large enterprise, our team has the expertise and knowledge to help you achieve your business goals.

Our Mission

Provide our Customers with the technical tools and software to leverage technology to bring about positive change within their organisation.

Our Values

  • Positive impact for customers and employees
  • We believe in Simplicity not Complexity
  • Customers for Life

Our Team

Our experienced consultants from diverse areas work with small and large businesses to maximize process efficiency and provide long-term support.

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