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Optimize & Centralise.

Ensure that all your financial data is centralised, accurate and up-to-date, which enables you to make informed business decisions based on real-time financial insights.

 Unleash the power of Odoo's cutting-edge accounting features to elevate your financial game!

Automated payment follow-up

Send automatic reminders and follow up actions to your customers.

Automatic Bank Feeds

Import your bank statements automatically.

Journal Visibility

Crystal clear journal insights with Odoo accounting.

Online Payments

Set up online payments without any hassle.

Smart Reporting

Transform data into insights with Odoo Accounting's reporting tools.

Dashboards - Clear & Precise

Get your hands on all essentials right from your dashboard.

Odoo accounting dashboard

Game-changing productivity tools to simplify your life and save time!

 Effortlessly reclaim your time and simplify your life with these game-changing productivity tools!

Intelligent Reconciliation

Unlock the power of auto-reconciliation proposals and instantly record additional journal items on-the-go for an unmatched accounting experience!

AI Invoice Digitisation

Revolutionize your accounting workflow with automatic encoding of your business documents using state-of-the-art OCR and AI technologies.

Automatic accruals

Effortlessly distribute deferred revenue and expenses across multiple entries with automatic posting, even when created in draft mode and posted periodically. 

Asset models

Manual depreciation a pain?
Configure your asset models and bid farewell to the hassle of managing your depreciation entries.

Australian Localisation

The Australian localization package of Odoo Accounting provides a standard chart of accounts, taxes, and Taxable Payments Annual Reports (TPAR) complying with the TPRS. You can modify the package to meet your business requirements. 

Additionally, Odoo enables bank integration and ABA text file payment batches. 

Electronic invoicing with Peppol BIS Billing 3.0 is also supported.

Monitor, report & analyse.

Ensure your organization's financial reporting is at its best, taking full advantage of the real-time nature of an ERP.

Financials according to Cost Centres.

Simplify the allocation of analytics to invoices and bills with a custom widget designed specifically for this purpose.

Balance sheet
black calculator beside black pen on white printer paper

Set & track budgets.

Maximize your financial oversight by leveraging budgeting to contrast your realized revenues and expenses with your projected targets.

Automate the assignment of analytic accounts.

Automatically organize your analytical accounts by projects, contracts, departments, and more, for streamlined and efficient accounting.

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