Odoo Manufacturing making waves

4 May 2021 by
Odoo Manufacturing making waves
WMSSoft Pty Ltd, Robin Ellis

A manufacturing-based company’s success is often defined by many things but of prime importance are

  • successfully understand customer needs and then proceed to design, develop and manufacture tailored/customized products.
  • implement a controlled workflow throughout the factory to control costs and quality
  • control and schedule production based on demand forecast and ensure timely delivery of raw materials
  • flexible product life cycle management of products via BOM's including cost control
  • full traceability of some products for compliance  

Manufacturing can be discreate, repetitive, process and job shop making many of the same product through to individual items to order, each one different (engineered to order).  Having a software product that can handle all the different types can be very challenging,

Odoo is an upcoming ERP which has been making waves with its ability to easily configure an ETO process through to discrete manufacturing and MRP.  For ETo product lt is vital that quotations and sale orders reflect the information that would be required for each product as it allows for agility in designing the product, creating the appropriate BOM(s) and then quoting the customer the right cost with the margins that can be predetermined. Therefore, Odoo allows the linkage of your ETO process directly from the creation of your sales order. 

Odoo also has a robust BOM revision process that is easily customizable and most importantly of all, extremely user friendly.  
In summary some of the other features in Odoo that provides a strong foundation for manufacturing are: 

  • BOM Version Control. 
  • Traceability throughout PO, MO, SO and Invoices. 
  • Updating BOM for specific MO can trigger multiple inventory reports. 
  • The PLM module allows for automation in your BOM revision process. 
  • Flexibility to update BOM when feedback received from the customer.
  • IOT machine interface