Manage your projects with Odoo

Streamlining Project Management with Odoo ERP: A Comprehensive Workflow from Start to Finish
2 June 2023 by
Manage your projects with Odoo
WMSSoft Pty Ltd, Darren De Padua

Efficient project management is paramount for businesses to succeed in today's competitive landscape. Discover how Odoo ERP can serve as an exceptional project management software, revolutionizing your organization's workflow. From the central role of Sales to Proposal Creation, Project Execution, and beyond, Odoo offers a comprehensive solution that seamlessly integrates key processes. 

Let's delve into how the Sales module acts as the central hub, triggering activities and driving collaboration across the entire system.

CRM and Sales

Odoo's Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module empowers businesses to effectively manage leads, track opportunities, and nurture customer relationships. Seamlessly integrate CRM with the Sales module to streamline the transition from prospecting to project initiation. Benefit from a centralized system that enables efficient lead management and seamless collaboration between sales and project teams.

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Proposal Creation

With Odoo, creating detailed and professional project proposals becomes effortless. Utilize the Proposal Creation module to generate tailored proposals, incorporating project scope, deliverables, timelines, and pricing. Leverage customizable templates and collaborative tools to enhance proposal creation and approval processes. Odoo's intuitive interface ensures seamless communication between stakeholders and accelerates proposal management.

Project Execution

Once a proposal is approved, seamlessly transition to project execution within Odoo. Utilize the Project Management module to create projects, define tasks, assign resources, and set milestones. Benefit from Gantt charts for visual project planning, task dependencies, and progress tracking. Collaborate with project teams, allocate resources efficiently, and monitor project performance within a centralized platform.

Timesheet Entry and Invoicing

Accurate time tracking and efficient invoicing are crucial aspects of project management. Odoo's Timesheet Entry module enables employees to record their time spent on project tasks, facilitating precise project costing and resource allocation. Seamlessly integrate timesheets with Odoo's Invoicing module to generate invoices based on recorded project activities, milestones, or predefined billing terms. Streamline the invoicing process, ensuring timely and accurate billing for improved financial management.

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Payroll Integration with KeyPay (Now Employment Hero)

Odoo further enhances its capabilities by seamlessly integrating with the KeyPay payroll system. This integration allows for effortless synchronization of employee data, timesheets, leave management, and payroll processing. By connecting Odoo with KeyPay (Now Employment Hero), businesses can consolidate all essential HR functions within a single system, eliminating data duplication and streamlining payroll management.


Embrace Odoo ERP's comprehensive project management capabilities, spanning CRM, Sales, Proposal Creation, and Project Execution. With Odoo, you can streamline your project management workflow, enhance collaboration, and optimize resource allocation. Experience the power of a centralized platform that integrates key project management processes, driving efficiency and success. 

If you're interested in implementing Odoo ERP for your project management needs, contact us today. Our team is ready to assist you in leveraging Odoo's robust features and tailoring them to your specific requirements. 

Unlock the potential of Odoo ERP and elevate your project management practices to new heights.