Why choose WMSSoft to implement your Odoo ERP Manufacturing Solution ?

29 January 2024 by
Why choose WMSSoft to implement your Odoo ERP Manufacturing Solution ?
WMSSoft Pty Ltd, John Gellel

As Melbourne based Odoo Partners, WMSSoft is committed to implementing Odoo ERP systems to meet the unique requirements of Australian Manufacturers.

From the creation and management of BOMs with complex sub assemblies, production planning, operator & work centre management,  quality control, production costs/analytics, and every process required to control your manufacturing workflow, Odoo ensures a unified and efficient manufacturing process.

It goes way beyond this with Odoo integrating every aspect of your business operations, extending to the entire supply chain, accounts, inventory, warehouse management, dispatch, lead generation, customer relationships, the website, dealer and customer portals, projects, HR and the list just goes on.  

The expectation is that any ERP should be able to do all of this well. Each ERP system has its pros and cons and if you are in the market for one, the research time you spend as you cover your options will be well worth it. Some ERP’s are more rigid in design, some have high or hidden costs, others have too much functionality making them harder to learn where only a subset of functions are required while others lack expected functions, some are easy to configure, easier to learn, cheaper to customise while others are not easily open to change -  there are many items to consider. WMSSoft will clarify these items. 

An advantage during the ERP selection process is seeing an ERP system in action, live, as a demonstration, enabling you to see it perform.  WMSSoft makes the ERP selection process easier. We will show you Odoo using a live demo. We show you Odoo capabaility. 

We are end-to-end project implementers, project managers, business analysts, support and developers - providing the scoping, analysis, requirements, solution design, system best practise set up, data migration, training, go live and continued support required for our clients to trust in us to deliver what was set out from the start. The team here at Clayton are nice people to deal with and they know Odoo, IT practises, and care. 

Key points about Odoo:

  • Intuitive, Effective: It's fully integrated in real time, modular, flexible, easy to learn & enhances collaboration
  • Cost effective: Licensing is much cheaper than other ERP’s and all modules included
  • Implementation and customisation is cheaper - Python framework
  • Cloud system: Easy access from anywhere, Security, Scalability
  • High Rate of Growth: Odoo reinvests into product expansion each year with a new Version
  • Odoo store - thousands of Apps
  • Comprehensive API for integration with external systems

Apart from the choice of Odoo ERP, we at WMSSoft have the following expertise and capability:

  • All of our consultants are Odoo Certified and based in the Clayton office
  • Best Practise Project Management, Business Analysis, Timeline Management, Documentation
  • Scope ---------> Requirements --------> Gap Analysis ---------> Solution Design
  • Utilize Project Documentation, Requirements Matrix, sign offs
  • Our focus is Manufacturing. We understand the complexities faced in automating it.
  • Experts in Odoo Configuration, Best Use, Data Migration, Training, Testing, Support
  • Localized Team, We understand Australian Manufacturing, Tax Laws, Business Hours, Clear communication

We would be happy to chat to you about your business ERP needs. 

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