Want to know how an ERP system can help your business ?

7 April 2024 by
Want to know how an ERP system can help your business ?
WMSSoft Pty Ltd, John Gellel


Do you want to know more about how an ERP system can help your business without being bogged down by irrelevant or pushy sales talk?

When you contact WMSSoft you will straight away talk to an industry professional. We deal with the facts when it comes to the sales process.

7 minutes: is enough time to discuss your high level business requirements, its fit to Odoo ERP functionallity, Odoo integration capability with your external software, typical costs and implementation timeframes.  In that 7 minutes, you will gain enough information to decide if Odoo ERP and WMSSoft services are worth investigating further.

A 30 minute discussion is sufficient to provide a ball park range of what costs you will be looking at for licensing, hosting and implementation based on our ERP implementation expertise.

The next step would be a demonstration of Odoo targeting your primary areas of interest while showcasing Odoo's overall capability and also WMSSoft's expertise with Odoo, its implementation and ongoing support. The demonstration also allows WMSSoft to also gather detailed information on your business processes and requirements. 

From that, if all has gone well and you truly like what you see, a tailored proposal is created outlining your requirements, our analysis steps to define the solution, the implementation tasks and costs to go live with Odoo ERP.

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