Some Odoo modules at a glance

27 June 2024 by
Some Odoo modules at a glance
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Lets take a glance at just a few Odoo modules all rich in features and function. 

Inventory: Efficiently manage your stock with real-time updates, automated replenishment, and seamless tracking. Ensure optimal stock levels, minimizing overstock and stockouts.

Purchase: Simplify your procurement process with automated purchase orders, supplier management, and cost tracking. Streamline vendor interactions and keep your purchasing organized.

Sales: Manage your sales pipeline, from quotes to invoices. Odoo Sales offers intuitive dashboards, automated follow-ups, and comprehensive reporting to boost your sales efficiency.

Manufacturing: Optimize your production process with tools for work orders, planning, and scheduling. Odoo Manufacturing helps you manage bills of materials, track production, and ensure quality control.

CRM: Enhance customer relationships with a complete view of your interactions. Odoo CRM allows you to track leads, opportunities, and customer communications, driving better engagement and sales.

Shop Floor: Empower your shop floor operations with real-time insights and control. Monitor work orders, track time, and manage resources efficiently to improve productivity and reduce downtime.

Barcode: Increase accuracy and speed with barcode scanning. Odoo Barcode supports inventory adjustments, stock moves, and order processing, making warehouse management more efficient.

Contacts: Keep all your contacts organized in one place. Odoo Contacts allows you to manage customer and supplier information, track interactions, and maintain up-to-date contact details.

Accounting: Simplify your financial operations with automated invoicing, payments, and reporting. Odoo Accounting offers comprehensive tools for managing your finances, ensuring compliance and accuracy.

Quality: Ensure your products meet the highest standards with quality checks and control points. Odoo Quality helps you track inspections, manage quality alerts, and maintain consistent product quality.

Maintenance: Keep your equipment in top condition with preventive and corrective maintenance management. Odoo Maintenance allows you to schedule maintenance activities, track equipment performance, and reduce downtime.

PLM (Product Lifecycle Management): Manage your product development from conception to retirement. Odoo PLM provides tools for version control, document management, and collaboration, ensuring efficient product lifecycle management.

Odoo is a full featured, beautifully developed ERP system that sets a new standard. 

Let us show you how Odoo can transform your business. 

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