Odoo V17 has arrived

New Features
30 November 2023 by
Odoo V17 has arrived
WMSSoft Pty Ltd, Robin Ellis

Odoo V17 has many new features to further enhance productivity in your organisation

Odoo just continues to deliver - whatsapp integration instead of emailing!  What a winner, ChatGPT integration and much more... email sales@wmssoft.com.au to find out more.

Let's look at some of the areas ..


  • WhatsApp integration
  • ChatGPT integrated throughout
  • click on any filter to modify
  • many reporting improvements


  • integration with ChatGPT
  • multi-channel (inbound) out of box
  • support of webp images (more compact)
  • website chat with video


  • translation on fly in chatter live

Document Management

  • revisions added in documents
  • allows workflow


  • new catalogue feature (similar to POS)
  • new quote template format - allows appending pdfs together


  • restaurant kiosk auto app (kitchen display as well) aka McDonalds but also table ordering (qr code etc.) and appointment booking

Inventory Management

  • Improved forecasting capability (includes manufactured products)


  • knowledge app templates out of box


  • new shop floor allowing multiple users per work centre
  • improvement (feedback) directly into PLM


  • automation integration better in odoo studio with phases in kanban
  • subtasks in kanban view, customise fields on form aka workflow products


  • timesheet and billing rate ratio visible on timesheet and by employee


  • split pdf documents easily
  • validation of outgoing bank accounts
  • deferred expenses improvements
  • ocr handles credit notes
  • create batch payments more easily
  • exchange invoices odoo is now a peppol access point
  • new bank statements
  • new auto bank reconciliation feature
  • new branch management 


  • AI used on resumes to determine skills
  • organisation charts vastly improved
  • wfh feature in calendar
  • new payroll options
  • visitor registration


  • odoo studio improvements workflow and automations for bank recs
  • web hooks from odoo studio!
  • new no code data modules

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