Odoo v16 Scheduling Improvements

Odoo v16 offers upgraded features in the Manufacturing Execution System.One of the features has been an improvement in the scheduling of Operations and Workorders.
13 April 2023 by
Odoo v16 Scheduling Improvements
WMSSoft Pty Ltd, Darren De Padua

Odoo v16 has recently introduced an exciting new feature that has garnered the attention of many manufacturing companies. With the ability to create dependencies in the BOM, it is now possible to establish a connection between work orders, making scheduling MOs/jobs in your work order schedule more manageable. 

The dependencies create links in the Gantt chart that connect work orders to one another, providing easy drag-and-drop functionality that allows you to reschedule remaining work orders by clicking the arrows above a dependency. However, when dealing with Sub-BOMs or subassemblies in a BOM, it is vital to have a dependency on the parent BOM to ensure efficient production.

rescheduling manufacturing jobs in the calendar view

In other words, the parent BOM can only be completed once all sub-assemblies or child MOs are finished. While the current dependency in a BOM is limited to operations within a specific BOM, it appears that there is a filter that looks specifically for operations present in that particular BOM. 

Nonetheless, I recently discovered that it is possible to link manufacturing orders by dragging the arrow to a different work order in the planning view, creating a dependency between two work orders from different MOs. This workaround provides the benefits of v16's advanced BOMs and re-planning upgrades. 

To further enhance scheduling in Odoo, it would be advantageous to set the operations view to display operations from all the BOMs belonging to the parent BOM. This improvement would significantly enhance scheduling and streamline production processes, allowing manufacturers to make more informed decisions regarding their production schedules. By adopting these new features, Odoo users can ensure that their manufacturing process runs smoothly and efficiently, saving time and money in the long run.

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