Explore Odoo v17 Shop Floor Improvements

20 February 2024 by
Explore Odoo v17 Shop Floor Improvements
WMSSoft Pty Ltd, John Gellel


Today we delve into some exciting enhancements of Odoo v17 in Manufacturing and the introduction of the new shop floor module and components scanning. In this video by Odoo, we'll explore some of the key features that highlight the potential of Odoo v17 in streamlining Manufacturing processes in a real world scenario.

The video I'm about to share provides a glimpse into Odoo v17's Manufacturing capabilities, offering an example of how Odoo simplifies Manufacturing workflows. While this demonstration provides a clean, concise and easy to follow overview, it's important to note that Odoo's capabilities extend far beyond what is showcased here.

Odoo is capable of handling complex Bills of Materials and addressing diverse manufacturing requirements in MTS, MTO and ETO environments. Odoo offers a comprehensive suite of tools to streamline production planning, manage work centres and operators, facilitate shop floor operations, ensure quality control, maintain material traceability, and analyze production costs effectively.

Odoo v17 empowers businesses with the tools they need to optimize manufacturing processes and drive operational excellence and that's just one area - Odoo can integrate, in real-time, every aspect of your operations, extending to the entire supply chain, accounts, inventory, warehouse management, dispatch, lead generation, customer relationships, the website, dealer or customer portals, projects, HR, training, timesheets and the list goes just on. 

With ongoing innovation including the recent release of Version 17, Odoo remains at the forefront in ERP technological advancement which becomes apparent when demonstrating Odoo live.

Without further ado, let's dive into the video demonstration gracefully created by Odoo to gain insights on Manufacturing management in a real world scenario.

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